After many years of human exploitation, our planet is suffering and we can clearly see the consequences…

Articles about Eco-friendly Hotels

An Eco-friendly Hotel is an establishment that tries to reduce to the minimum the consumption of natural resources, the expense of energy and their environmental impact to be as low as possible. 

Where you can find them? What are the main differences from other hotels? There are luxury green hotels?

Articles of sustainable transportation

Nowadays, more and more people are traveling with the aim of reducing the carbon footprint and trying to generate as little waste as possible.

What eco-transport options there are? Which are the best ideas for reducing the carbon footprint while traveling? How can I be greener during a flight?

Articles about being a greener traveler

With the aim to stop and reverse the current status, a huge part of humankind is adopting a greener, consciously and ethically lifestyle. This trend is also carried out when traveling.

How can I reduce the waste in hotels? What are the best eco-product to use while traveling? Which are the best low impact activities?