The 5 Keys of Inclusive Experiences

The hotel sector is constantly undergoing changes due to the trends and interests of the population

Articles about Inclusive Hotels

An inclusive experience is given in those hotels that provide Smart Accessibility, offer an Accessible Environment, and there is active Involvement by all the hotel staff. At the end of the day, guests only need to worry about Remembering the experiences lived throughout the day and being able to Share their happy moments with friends and family on social media.

Where you can find them? What are the main differences from other hotels?



Articles of Inclusive Experiences

The world is expected to develop more sanitary and quality infrastructures. Therefore, hoteliers should think about incorporating inclusive experiences and accessible facilities, and combine that with the integration of technology

What is the Universal Design? How can Assistive technology help guests? How can disability awareness training programs help staff?

Articles about Accessible Cities

According to the World Health Organization (WHO, 2011) 15% of the world’s population have special needs or some kind of disability. This global estimate for disability is on the rise due to population ageing and the rapid spread of chronic diseases.

As a consequence, more and more cities will have to create an accessible and barrier-free design.

What is an inclusive city? How does it improve the conditions and the mobility of the inhabitants?