Needless to say, the energy costs in the Hotel Industry represent a huge part of the general expenses. Undoubtedly, improving energy efficiency is already a point that cannot be ignored.

A current example, is the situation with COVID-19, in which a large number of hotels demand a reduction of electrical power and gas flow without penalty. That economic relief would mean an energy cost savings of between 2.000€ and 3.000€ per month per hotel, according to the Spanish Confederation of Hotels and Tourist Accommodation (CEHAT) and the Hotel Technology Institute (ITH).

In order to optimise electricity surcharges and maximise energy efficiency, the company Loxone offers high-tech solutions for taking control of lighting, audio, room climate and security.


Automation systems are a set of technologies that allow the intelligent control and automation of spaces.

There are several types of sensors that detect and emit different signals in the hotel room. They can work with direct contact, without contact, being ionic, optical, mechanical or electrical. Likewise, most of these signals can be transmitted to a device of the hotel’s choice, and alert the hotel staff if any unusual situation is detected.

By setting up domotic facilities, not only would hotels obtain several benefits but also guests and employees.

Keep on reading to know the 5 main ways hotels can benefit from that technologies.

1. Security and Control

Automation for hotels allows more security and control of facilities and entry points, avoiding accidents like theft. Moreover, it prevents clients to find themselves in uncomfortable situations that could disfavour their stay at the hotel.

Let’s see some examples of security services;

  • Simulation of presence in cases of absence.
  • Viewing surveillance cameras using mobile and tablets.
  • Detection of fire and high levels of Co2.
  • Automatic detection and shutdown of water and gas leaks.

2. Climate and Ventilation

The building can automatically reduce stale air and mitigate mould growth. In case there is any deviation, the temperature sensors would record all data and notify the hotel staff.

Some of the practical services that the hotel can control are;

  • Regulation according to temperature, humidity and Co2.
  • Automatic shutdown when opening doors or windows.
  • Unified control of the different air conditioning systems.
  • Time programming and remote control.

3. Audio Control

With Loxone and their revolutionary multiroom audio the hotel can play music, Internet radio or locally stored music in communal areas such as bars, rooms, lobbies and restaurants.

Another additional audio functionalities are;

  • With the Loxone App, voice announcements are available and can be played in a specific zone.
  • Wake up with music, just set the hour and music will start to play for waking the guest up.
  • Music can be synchronised across rooms or played in each room individually.

4. Air Technology

Loxone Air allows the creation of automation in installation that may be the perfect Wireless solution.

All Loxone Air devices receive free software updates. Ensuring that they are future-ready with the latest features. Moreover, the encryption used offers reliable protection from replay attacks.

5. Minimal Consumption

To minimize the hotel’s energy consumption, heating, blinds, cooling, lighting, and the ventilation system will operate in a synchronised fashion. All the products offered by Loxone operate using a low energy consumption strategy.

The top energy saving features are:

  • The system will automatically turn off the devices if they are not needed.
  • With the intelligent managing of Loxone, the hotel system will archive the desired temperature in the most cost-effective manner.
  • The Loxone application show the total power consumption, facilitating the balance of energy usage during peak times.

For hotel operators, it is extremely practical for the entire hotel to be illuminated in the right light at the push of a button. The same applies to cleaning staff: with a double click, the room is illuminated brightly; with a triple click, everything turns off again.

In conclusion, Loxone offers intuitive automation with a large portfolio of high-quality products and a user-friendly application, saving the hotel’s time, money and energy. In addition, is ideal for all types of hotels, because it allows automating many functions, creating unique atmospheres and sensations, and at the same time providing energy efficiency.

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